5-6-7. July




G3 TERRACE | 21pm


The works of some of the most important video artists in the world, a link between the world of art and the cinematic universe. By  Damiana Leoni e Rä di Martino.


The exhibition on video art which will take place during the second evening of this edition will be a visual marathon strongly marked by a dense female presence in which the works of internationally renowned award-winning artists such as Monica Bonvicini, the Israeli Keren Cytter e Rosalind Nashashibi, who in 2007 represented Scotland at the Venice Biennale and was then nominated for the Turner Prize in 2017. But also the French-Algerian Zineb Sidera, whose work focuses on the relationship between humans and geography; and, for the first time in Italy, Meriem Bennani, a Moroccan artist on the rise in the international art world, who intertwines globalized popular culture (music, reality TV, fashion) with traditional representations of her culture of origin, with a smartphone visual aesthetic. 

A real discovery for the Italian public will be the work focused on climate change by the very young artist originally from Barbados Ada M. Patterson while the Egyptian Hassan Khan, now fully included in the official art system after having been one of the pioneers of audio-video music experimentation in the underground scene of Cairo, presents the work entitled Jewel. The Roman woman represents Italy Elizabeth Benassi, now at home at the Venice Biennale, and the collaboration between Hilario Island e Enrico Ascoli, two artists who carry out research on rurality in parallel, with a particular focus on climate change: the three videos – biogas, Anti-hail e Greenhouse presented on this occasion are the documentation of extemporaneous interventions in the Piedmont countryside which reinterpret the horizon of propitiatory ceremonies and fertility rites.


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