TERRACE G3 | 22:00

Diade is a performance that focuses on the concept of duality, understood as the manifestation of two parts: one and the whole. Starting from the tangibility of the real world, bound by physical laws, we gradually arrive at an aseptic and unconditional digital reality. Also in this case the theme of transition will be explored through the juxtaposition of two concepts: limit and limitless. These two protagonists of the performance represent the different shades of concreteness and abstraction.

Metal plates placed between the audience and the performer represent a borderline between the analog and virtual world, between black and white, two opposites that attract and repel each other. Both points of view constantly dialogue through the aid of sound-visual events that occur on the plates. In front of them abstract images are projected, synchronized and reactive to the vibrational motions of the double bass. The same are processed and resonated on the plates through contact speakers. A fragile tension between audience and performer acts as a trait d'union to the entire audiovisual show, showing both sides of the coin through light and sound.


The "Mimesi" project was born in 2020 and is made up of three artists from different backgrounds

who have decided to create a hybrid project between traditional music, multimedia arts,

electronic music and HCI. The intent of the project is to investigate the broad field of intermediate, trying to create works that connect the sectors of contemporary music, experimental and electronic music, multimedia visual arts and the concept of sound immersion using all the new avant-garde technologies. available.

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