“I find existing in my mind to be a sometimes beautiful, sometimes intense, sometimes abrasive, messy, disconcerting, relentless experience, and I tried to put as much of that feeling and shape into the album as possible.”


Unspoken Words is Max Cooper's latest album that takes the listener through experiences of escape and connection with personal stories of reflection, acceptance, struggle, idealism and rejection.

The expression of the artist's interiority in this project is reflected in the universal experience of each human being and further connects us to the theme of this edition of Videocittà.

Unspoken Words offers common ground and a unifying space for anyone facing internal discord and feeling the need for greater connection and further expression of their inner self.

The expertly mixed audio is accompanied by a visual story that unfolds across 13 short films from a range of visual artists commissioned and directed by Max Cooper.

Max Cooper

Max Cooper has carved out a unique space for himself as an audiovisual artist with a PhD in science and an international reputation as a leading electronic musician. His work carries emotional resonance and sensory immersion, often focusing on humanity's place in the world. He combines electronic music and visual art with scientific inquiry through installations, live performances, immersive audiovisual experiences, a range of digital media and award-winning music videos.

His label, Mesh, is uniquely positioned to explore the intersection of music, art and science through interdisciplinary creative collaborations that blur the lines between art, mathematics, film, choreography, science, architecture, psychology and spirituality.

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Subscribe to the newsletter and always stay updated on Videocittà's new proposals.