Videocity e Ecosystems Foundation they have been collaborating together since 2021 to make the event increasingly eco-sustainable. The support began with the sharing of the GreenFEST - Green Festivals and Events through Sustainable Tenders - reference project for improving the sustainable management of cultural events. Furthermore, Ecosistemi carried out the reporting of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the event and the report on environmental sustainability aspects. The objective of the partnership is to increasingly reduce the environmental impact that the event has on the community and the surrounding environment.



Counter climate change, offset CO2 emissions, protect biodiversity. 


These are the objectives of OXYGEN, the project of Lazio region which aims to plant a tree for every inhabitant of the Region in 3 years. A project for everyone, a green turning point to make Lazio the region of environmental sustainability.


Videocittà has been participating in the program for two years OXYGEN of Lazio region. In the latest edition, the collaboration led to the planting of trees capable of offsetting the CO2 emissions generated in the space of a few years in the Aguzzano Park area of ​​Rome. Returning the consumed oxygen to the environment.


For the next edition, Videocittà relies on Rebrain Consulting to promote a new culture within the festival regarding the collection, recycling and reuse of polluting waste materials, because even when we talk about sustainability, vision is needed.


We will install cigarette collection corners which, thanks to the use of a QR code, will tell the story of the transformation journey of the butts which, once purified, will become a plastic polymer that can be used in various sectors.


We will invite festival patrons to separate water bottle caps in special containers and in a kids area created in collaboration with Rebrain Consulting and Explora – Children's Museum, we will thus give rise to an educational project in which operators will guide children on a path where the collected caps will first be transformed into plastic flakes, then into a filament which, inserted inside a 3D printer, will directly produce gadgets to give to the little participants.


Rebrain Consulting will create the shopping bags in R-Pet for the press conference and institutional meetings, a waterproof polymer obtained through recovery and recycling processes of the common Pet, which involve sorting, washing, chopping and melting plastic materials. The largest and most resistant summer eco-cotton shopping bags will be made for the Festival in July.

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Subscribe to the newsletter and always stay updated on Videocittà's new proposals.