02-03-04 OCTOBER
Hours 19.30 - 00.00

Invisibili Orchestre, an audiovisual installation gives viewers a multisensory experience.
The idea is to give voice to the place, reveal the sounds of the past, the sounds of the fauna that inhabits the park of the falls, the wind that crosses the branches of the trees, the drops of water and the roar of the waterfall, the insects the footsteps of visitors and the other sounds inaudible to man's ear come to life again in a conceptual representation of the place.
Life hidden in the park becomes a visual concert, through high-definition video footage and microscopes. All the musical instruments are then magnified and radically amplified, projected on the 3 water screens that emerge from the lake. The screens become video projection surfaces and propose the elements present in the area which, when amplified, generate the sounds and thus compose the sound installation. The instruments are many: through the use of precision microphones, directional, environmental and contact microphones, the entire area becomes a musical instrument. When the perceived sound is that of the turtle diving into the water, we would see the detail of the animal that dives projected on the screens, when you add the sound of the wind between the branches, the luminous set-up will illuminate them in real time and will come simultaneously. - mind projected on aquatic screens, showing the magnified details. During the concert the central water screen will occasionally be turned off, so as to make the musician visible. The visual materials used during the concert will be abstract, of strong visual impact and interactive to the audio.

Videocittà reminds you, with reference to the anti-covid safety regulations, that access to the exhibition is allowed after compulsory free registration.

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