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The Videocittà format dedicated to live performance, as well as the contamination between music and moving images, meets Asian Fake. The Milanese record label that has distinguished itself for its aesthetics and the refined care of all visual products, an integral part of their production and artistic research. An entire showcase will be animated by site-specific video content curated by the energetic Karol Sudolsky, former author of visuals for Mahmood and for the Missoni fashion house.

Venus lives in Milan, the city from which on November 16, 2018 he launched his first recording project, the EP “A che punto è la notte” published by AsianFake and immediately acclaimed by critics and audiences. The latter sanctioned the artist's fiery debut by giving him several sold outs in the first tour of dates. The subsequent collaboration with the rapper Gemitaiz in the song “Senza di me” (feat. Venerus & Franco126), present in the QVC8 mixtape and to which the young artist lends his pen and voice, has been certified double platinum.

The last recording project of the Milanese musician dates back to the beginning of June, when he released the concept-EP "Love Anthem", four unreleased tracks (also published on vinyl) that create the right anticipation compared to an album that, the artist promises, is forthcoming. The most recent tour of dates has once again sanctioned the interest of a widespread public now throughout the peninsula, as well as having given a beautiful sold out to the Magazzini Generali in Milan where, moreover, Venerus also sang the new songs to which he collaborated: “Che Ore Sono” (Gemitaiz & Madman) and “Abra” (DARRN). His latest song "Song for a friend" released on April 23 is "A song born of the mysterious times we are living", a letter that Venerus dedicates to a special friend but which then, as soon as it is translated into music, ends up turning to everyone, anyone looking for support in this difficult time.

Videocittà reminds you, with reference to the anti-covid safety regulations, that access to the exhibition is allowed after compulsory free registration. 

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