Saturday 18 September at 18 pm
Garden of the Falls

The talk Art-Mutualism. Art in defense of the planet will be dedicated to the deepening of the work of some Italian and international artists and collectives, whose research and thought on art revolve around the relationship between man and planet / art and technology.

Starting from a phrase of the famous Canadian sociologist and philosopher Marshall McLuhan: "there are no passengers on the" Earth boat ", but we are all members of the same crew", the talk intends to reflect on the importance of safeguarding the planet, through the active actions of citizens and in particular artists - who return to take care of the natural and urban environment in which we live, in a more conscious and aware way.

Art-Mutualism arises from the assumption of the new philosophical-political current of Eco-Mutualism - which became known in particular during the watershed of the lockdown - which proposes a new model of life, according to which man would cease with dehumanizing production and consumption, giving life to a revolution and regeneration capable of overthrowing the capitalist system and the virus of the planet: liberalism.

The invited artists, Ouchhh, Nonotak e Lorenza Liguori, in conversation with Catherine Tomeo, will present during the festival immersive installations and live performances, which react to the parasitism of the man-nature relationship and to the crisis that the planet is facing, inviting the public to have a perceptive and multisensory experience.

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