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Videocity – Visual. Digital. Cultures, is an open and innovative audiovisual observatory capable of discovering and making known the transformative realities of moving images and promoting the excellence of the audiovisual production and employment chain.


Designed and founded by Francesco Rutelli and directed by Francesco Dobrovich, Videocittà offers a visionary look that involves a vast and heterogeneous audience on the different disciplines and expressions of moving images through projections, AV performance, training and informative talks, monumental and immersive installations, videomapping e video art.

In the first six editions it welcomed more than that 500 artists, including Oscar winners and national and international talents, establishing itself as a showcase capable of anticipating trends and a meeting place between tradition and innovation.


Since 2018 it has made Rome a more international city, involving a vast audience with no age limits, to date beyond 450.000 attendance, and last year alone saw +150% in ticket sales compared to 2022. 

Over the years it has crossed and inhabited the urban territory in its various articulations: from the marvelous historic squares of the city to art galleries, from industrial archeology spaces to more institutional places.

Videocittà involved the highest and most representative institutional positions: from the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, to the President of the Senate Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, to representatives of the Government, the Lazio Region and Roma Capitale.


Videocittà has also confirmed itself as a stage open to sponsors and private investments who have found an opportunity to address an attentive public, through exclusive actions and targeted branded content activities with a strong media impact. 

Since 2024 Videocittà has been project leader of Co-Vision, large-scale project of three years on the theme of sustainability, founded by the European Commission, which involves 12 partners from 11 different countries.

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Subscribe to the newsletter and always stay updated on Videocittà's new proposals.