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Who controls the world of communication today? Probably everyone and no one. So here is a series of conferences where very different generations can be compared to understand who really influences the world today, from newspapers that no longer exist to new social networks that exist too much. Very different figures from each other will look for the points of division and contact "animated" by Nicolas Ballario, to understand the common thread between great communicators (from music to visual art, from journalism to architecture and much more) who will arrive on stage have more than sixty years of age difference.

Camilla Boniardi, known as Camihawke, she is one of the web personalities who has best managed to combine her online presence with that of other media: known for her unique tone of voice, with which she talks about her reality, making imperfection normal and common.

On Thursday 21 July, in the context of the Gazometer Garden, he will talk about his experience in the digital world in conversation with Nicolas Ballario.



Camilla Boniardi, born in 1990, also known as Camihawke, is one of the characters who has been able to best combine her presence on the web with that of other media: she has stood out for the tone of voice with which she talks about her reality and
that of social media, with a very particular irony and finesse, and made "normal and common imperfection" the central key of his story.

From July 2017 to July 2018 she hosts the radio program “Girl Solving” on Radio2 together with AliceLikeAudrey. She was among the protagonists of "Pink Different", the all-female program
aired on FoxLife in late 2017.
Also on TV, in September 2019, Camihawke joined Carlo Cracco in the new Rai 2 cooking program "Nella mia cucina", broadcast from Monday to Friday at 19pm for twenty episodes.
In 2019, Camihawke becomes AIRC Ambassador, is the protagonist of the web series «20900» together with her friend and colleague Alice Venturi and participates as a speaker at TedxRimini.

On April 20, 2021, Camilla published her first novel "Per tutto il resto dei mie massimo" (Mondadori), which immediately became an editorial case, dominating the general ranking of best-selling books for five weeks and selling over 55 thousand copies in just one month. month. The release of the book also leads her to confront herself
dialogues with authors of the caliber of Teresa Ciabatti, Chiara Gamberale, Chiara Tagliaferri and Silvia Avallone. On October 18, 2021, “Tutte le time che” is released, the original Spotify podcast that Camilla
hosts together with her friend Alice Venturi, created and produced by Show Reel Agency, which includes 6 special episodes directly from the Sanremo Festival 


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