VideocittàIn partnership with Rai KidsCartoon Italia and Asifa announce the third edition of LET'S ENJOYI, the contest aimed at young authors of children's animation.
This third edition is dedicated to Matteo Armellini, rigger worker, who died at work on 5 March 2012, while setting up a stage for a concert in Reggio Calabria. He was thirty years old. The young man's mother, Paola Armellini, who also died on 9 September 2022, had fought for nine years to obtain a "fair" sentence, which identified the responsibilities of the clients and entered into jurisprudential practice in favor of the protection of rigger workers. And so it was. Once the judicial process was concluded, Paola Armellini's intention was to promote various initiatives dedicated to the memory of her son, aimed at encouraging the training of young people who can find the opportunity to develop their talents.
The contest invites graduates of public schools of arts, cinema, animation, graphics, design, aspiring authors of age and UNDER 30 years of age and of any nationality resident in Italy, to conceive and propose an original and unpublished project for the creation of a short story of animation, with any animation technique, lasting a minimum of 2' and a maximum of 3'.
The path to follow is on the topic of work, worker safety, and the importance that work itself has in the personal growth of individuals, a key activity of life that allows individuals to free themselves and give strength to their personal path. A message of concrete positive vision that can give light to hope in young people who, through the cultivation of their passions, can thus achieve their most innate ambitions, in a safe and equal professional path. Projects must be sent anonymously by November 29, 2023 at 23pm.
A jury composed of audiovisual and animation professionals indicated by VideocittàCartoon Italy e Rai Kids, will select the winning project of the Contest.
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